Only Hope" cover by One Voice Children's Choir | Ft. Steven Sharp Nelson (The Piano Guys)

The One Voice Children's Choir is an amazingly talented group from northern Utah. For their latest music video they teamed up with Steven Sharp Nelson from the Piano Guys to perform Only Hope. We shot on location at the Wadley Farms castle in Lindon, UT. 

While checking out the castle on our location scout I noticed that the sun was blasting through the south facing widows. I thought that having beams of light coming through the windows would look great for Steven and Lucy's Solo and would really fit the look and feel we were going for. As you can see in the BTS photo below I did add a few lights to help fill in the shadows on Lucy and Steven's faces. However the sun and my poster bored bounce did 95% of the work. The light rays were created be using a small fog machine.

The camera that I used on this shoot was the Sony FS5. I shot 4K at 24fps and out put that as a raw signal to the Atomos Shogun Inferno where it was recorded to ProRes 10bit 422 on SSDs. This was my first big project using the Shogun Inferno and I was very happy with the device. Not only is it recording a nice ProRes 10bit file but the monitor is beautiful and inspiring to shoot on. As you can see in the shot above I removed the FS5 top handle and built in mic so I could mount the recorder directly on top of the camera. I am not the biggest fan of the ball style monitor mounts so I made my own custom mount from gopro mounting pieces which worked much better. I ran scratch sound using a rode smart lav clipped to the top of the camera.

Producers: Amy Oakeson and Suzy Oliveira
Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Calen Albert
On-set sound technician: Barton Thacker
On-set technical assistant: Sean Mason
Set Decor and design: Anne Cecala
Production assistants: Rory Sorenson, Jennifer Yorgesen